Rogers Opens Up TTC 5G Network to All Riders

The carrier picked up the cellular network earlier this year.

Rogers Communications Inc. has announced it has turned on 5G service for customers of all major Canadian wireless carriers in the busiest sections of the TTC subway system.

Starting today, riders can connect on the TTC’s Line 1, including all stations and tunnels in the Downtown U; plus Spadina and Dupont stations, as well as on Line 2; Thirteen stations from Keele to Castle Frank, plus the tunnels between St. George and Yonge stations.

In April, Rogers acquired the cellular network in the TTC subway system from the previous operator BAI Canada, and has been working on upgrades while also negotiating with Bell and Telus.

In a release, Rogers says it has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to roll out 5G service and more reliable 911 access across all 75 subway stations and to nearly 80 kilometres of track.

The company says the roll-out marks the next phase in the plan to modernize the network. The previous network, according to Rogers, could not support all TTC riders and coverage was extremely limited.

Since acquiring the network, Rogers says it has worked closely with the TTC to increase its cellular capacity and improve the quality of services to support traffic for all riders. 



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