Programming and Commercial Sales

JOY Radio broadcasts and creates programs that teach our audience how the Holy Spirit really works, and how to share the Lord’s voice to create extraordinary, meaningful lives for ourselves and others.

As a company we are dependent on revenues sufficient enough to continue to increase the impact our work has in the world. Our programmers and advertisers share our vision for connection and relationship in the gospel, and for world-wide evangelism.

Since 2001 JOY Radio has been a broadcast ministry which has impacted thousands; encouraging and educating, an instrument that God has used in bringing many to Jesus Christ.

We also successfully manage digital campaigns for our advertisers, incorporating streaming, podcasting, social media and on-line impressions with their on-air message. Our dedicated audience will hear and read about your business, service, or event through their favourite Christian radio station!

By joining our group of ministry partners and JOY Radio Affiliate advertisers you become a participant in a movement of disciples. We want to transform our neighbourhoods by helping create loving communities of believers who live and share His message.

The teaching and inspirational music we present has enriched the Christian walk of many, who in turn use the tools provided in reaching out to others with the saving truth of the Gospel.


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