Sewer Woes Continue in Hamilton

Hamilton Harbour – Photo Credit: Laslovarga

Weeks after discovering that millions of litres of raw sewage had been spilling into the Hamilton Harbour since 1996, more leaks have been found.

And, Hamilton Water Director Nick Winters says it is likely that they will discover more.

The City has been inspecting lines since December, prompted by a leak found seven weeks ago where several homeowners were flushing directly into the harbour and had been for nearly three decades.

In a release, the City says that staff were conducting a number of investigations on Saturday and discovered that a 100-year old combined sewer pipe was connected into the newly constructed system in 1996, but as many as 11 residential properties have been discharging sanitary wastewater directly to the storm sewer and Hamilton Harbour.

It’s too early to say how much more has been spilling from the newly discovered leaks but staff are working at finding a number.

The Ministry of the Environment had said it wanted an audit of the system, but nothing official has come down from the province.

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