Church Fire Doesn’t Stop Members from Helping Kids

It will be a more challenging Christmas for members of a California church destroyed by fire just hours before Sunday service this past weekend.

But, members of the Victory Outreach Church in Pomona, California were not going to let that stop them from helping those in need.

The church, along with 500 toys collected for children in need, went up in flames in the early morning hours on Sunday. Thankfully, there were no injuries.

But, the building was a total loss. And so too, were the 500 toys that congregation members gathered to help more than 600 needy families in the community this Christmas. They were set to be handed out at a party after Sunday service. 

However, plans were in place to keep the party going for the kids before the smoke even cleared.

The LA County Fire Department holds its own toy drive every year. Crews sent over two truck loads of toys for the kids – arriving in style, in a pair of search and rescue vehicles.

The area’s fire chief said they felt they had to help save Christmas for the congregation, adding the building isn’t the church; the church is in the hearts of its members.

Victory Outreach Church has started up a Go Fund me as they look to rebuild, having raised about $20-thousand of a $500-thousand goal.

Organizers of the fundraiser say the church “has helped bring families and the community of Pomona together. It now needs the prayers and the help of the community to help rebuild together. Any donations will help to accomplish this goal.”



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