Ontario Liberals Gathering in Hamilton

Ontario Liberals are gathering in Hamilton this weekend for what the provincial party says will be its largest assembly in 20 years.

15-hundred people are expected to attend the meetings as the party looks to bounce back from a second consecutive disastrous election result.

Steven Del Duca resigned as leader after the election last year, when the party did not win enough seats to have official party status at the legislature.

One of the main items on this weekend’s agenda is to find a replacement ,and how they’re going to do that remains a question, as well.

Members will vote on several constitutional amendments, including whether to stick with delegated conventions or to move to a form of direct voting for the leader.

In 2019, 57 percent of members supported the move to a direct voting system, falling short of the required support of two-thirds of party members to pass.

Once a new party executive is selected this weekend it will then set the rules and timelines to select a new leader.

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